The Tom Dupree Show, Saturday, December 2 | Dupree Financial Group
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The Tom Dupree Show, Saturday, December 2

The Tom Dupree Show, Saturday, December 2

On Saturday, November 18th Tom Dupree and Phillip Sexton hosted the Tom Dupree Show.

Tom and Phillip opened the show with their initial thoughts related to the news of the approval of the proposed tax bill by the Senate. They discussed how this will impact corporations and “will have a major, positive affect on the investor class in this country”. The new tax code will drop the corporate tax rate from 35% down to 20%. Tom added that “It’s a big deal for employment in America to get the corporate tax rate lowered.” They discuss several other incentives related to the new tax code and their impact on the economy.

Their discussion then turned to defining the role of broker dealers and registered investor advisors (RIAs) and explaining their differences. Tom shared how Dupree Financial Group, an RIA, acts in a purely advisory capacity and does not work on commissions. He explained Dupree Financial’s fee schedule and how transparency was key for the company. He talked about the responsibility of Dupree Financial to do their own research for their clients regarding their investments. Tom emphasized that understanding all the custodian roles when investing was important. He also talked about TD Ameritrade and Morningstar, two companies, that Dupree Financial uses for transactions, reports and other investing needs.

Tom and Phillip concluded the show with a brief update on the following companies: Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A), Blackstone (BX) and Kinder Morgan Inc. (KMI).

To listen to the full one hour show, visit

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