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Tom Dupree Show, Saturday, January 13th

Tom Dupree Show, Saturday, January 13th

On Saturday, January 13th Phillip Sexton hosted the Tom Dupree Show with Adarsh Mashu and Kristy Maggard.

They opened the show by discussing an article recently written in the Wall Street Journal that reported that U.S. consumer credit posted the largest gain in 16 years. It was discussed that this was largely because of consumer confidence. Adarsh shared some history regarding consumer credit trends especially related to the 2008-2009 financial crisis. He added that more recently consumer credit (ie. credit cards, mortgages) had expanded as sentiment had improved and people were feeling more comfortable borrowing money.

In a similar situation, Phillip shared that many retailers such as Kohls, Macys and Target were all reporting strong sales from November to December compared to one year earlier. He commented that this was a positive sign for the economy. Adarsh talked about the increase in the overall GDP and how the U.S.’ consumption helped to drive the economy.

The second half of the show started with Phillip talking about the continuous draw down on oil supplies as the price of oil has increased. Adarsh talked about studies of the consumer price index (CPI) and how this related to oil price fluctuations. The discussion continued as they talked about gas prices in relationship to consumer travel and transportation.

Adarsh and Phillip then talked about the possibility of a rising inflation market and how income could still be produced. Adarsh reminded listeners that “with inflation, borrows benefit and lenders don’t.” Phillip also talked about the importance of having a diversified portfolio with stocks, bonds, and cash. He explained that diversification helped with flexibility when an opportunity to buy presented itself. Dupree Financial Group does their own research to find companies that are consistently paying out a dividend to benefit their investors.

As always, to listen to the full one hour show, visit

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