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If you want a team on
your side…

We’re just right for you! We do everything as a team, which means you get the benefits of all our brains—not just one person’s.

If you want a team who does their research…

You’re at the right place. We do all our own research, and we keep our clients informed and educated about where their money is going and why.

If you want a team who takes a long view…

We’re right for you—and you’re right for us. We plan way ahead, always keeping you and your goals in mind with every decision we make. We promise to put you first, to keep you informed, and to help you plan for the life you want.

Our Values

Dupree Value #1: Humanity

Focused on people, not just numbers.

Your money isn’t just a number on a spreadsheet. It’s how you’re going to travel the world, how you’re going to buy Christmas gifts for your grandchildren, how you’re going to support yourself in the next phase of your life. Your money is important because it supports your life. That’s why we stay focused on the people behind the numbers, and why we’re dedicated to finding personal solutions that work for you and the life you want.

Dupree Value #2: Research

Done the old-fashioned way: in-house and in-depth.

We personally research the companies we invest in—before we invest in them. That means diving deep into annual reports, talking to decision makers, and even visiting in person to get a feel for the place. It also means no outsourcing our research—it’s all done right here at our office in Lexington. We dig deep into our research to find the right companies to invest in on your behalf—and because it’s just the right way to do things.

Dupree Value #3: Education

Because knowledge leads to understanding.

We want you to truly understand where your money is invested. If you know where your money is and why it’s there, you’ll be more comfortable with your investments when fear is prevalent in the market. We’ll keep you updated every time we meet, and you can talk to us anytime. No mysteries and no smoke and mirrors—just transparency, honesty, and a level of understanding to help you sleep better at night.

Dupree Value #4: Longevity

We believe in long-term relationships and long-view investments.

The recipe for a successful retirement: start planning early, and plan for the long-term. That’s how we approach it here at Dupree Financial. We’re here to be your partner for the rest of your life—we want to get to know you better and better, both as you approach retirement and as you live in it. We’re not in this for risky, short-term gains, and we hope you’re not either. We’re in this to help you manage your money for a lifetime.

Dupree Value #5: Adaptability

If something isn’t working, we’re not afraid of changing it.

The market is always changing. That’s why we don’t believe in set-it-and-forget-it investments. We’re constantly evaluating how our investments are working for you, and we’re always looking for ways to improve. If we get new information, if the markets adjust, or if something just isn’t performing the way we hoped, we’ll talk it over with you and make a change.

Our Team

Tom Dupree
Mike Johnson
Guy Huguelet
Adarsh Mashru
Phillip Sexton
Phillip Sexton
Margaret Grider

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